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16.08.2018 demand attestation

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Latest Demand




Latest Demand

Consulate General of Nepal attest demand of the Nepalese workers that has  been presented to the Consulate for the attestation by the lawful companies and recruiting agencies of Saudi Arabia.  The company need to follow following procedures and prepare necessary documents for the attestation by this consulate:

    1. Dully prepare documents (Download sample of basic documents for hiring male workers)

A. Basic Documents
1.Demand letter
2.Power of Attorney
3.Agency Agreement
4.Employment Contract( Separate Employment  Contract for each category)
5.Letter of Guarantee
6.Application of Guarantee and Undertaking

B. Additional Documents
1.Copy of visa slip, English and Arabic
2.Electronic wakala, English and Arabic
3.Copy of Commercial Registration Certificate,  English and Arabic
4.ID Copy of the company, English and Arabic
5.Brief profile of the company, English and Arabic
6.Location sketch of the Company/Establishment

    1. Attested the document

Basic documents mentioned above except application of guarantee and undertaking should be attested by the Chamber of Commerce and /or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    1. Demand Attestation application (Download forms)

Once the above procedure is complete the company needs to fill the demand attestation application form.

  1. Submission of Demand attestation documents
  2. Fees and Receipt of attested document

S.R 150 is charged for every single document  submitted for demand attestation. For single category of visa total fee is SR 750/-  . Generally it takes 1 day for the processing of demand attestation from Consulate General of Nepal.

(Note: For institutional female worker number 10 above please consult with the Consulate General for demand attestation procedures )